About The Marine Mammal Care Center

MMCC LA is a non-profit hospital for seals and sea lions, servicing 70 miles of Los Angeles coastline since 1992. They promote the preservation of our ecosystem through education, research, and partnerships. MMCC's mission is to protect the preservation of marine life.

Last year, they provided shelter, treatment, and rehabilitation to over 350 stranded marine animals that washed up Los Angeles beaches and this year they expect as many or more. The 5 species they treat regularly are California Sea Lions, Elephant Seals, Harbor Seals, and Fur Seals born in ocean habitats near Mexico and Canada. Many of these animals come into the hospital due to fishing lines, gunshot wounds, shark bites, malnutrition, and other injuries from ocean trash and plastic.

We are so excited to give 10-30% of profits back to this amazing rescue! They are open 365/24/7 and though you may be working from home, their team is selflessly saving lives!

Order The Sea Puppy mask and you'll be donating 30% back to save the sea puppies!